History of company



The Group of companies "Interterminal" was founded in 70s of XX century. Meanwhile, a new industrial zone "Parnas" was formed in the city of Leningrad.

As a part of the massive territorial and socio-economic city reorganization program initiated by the Leningrad Regional Party Committee, some industrial enterprises were moved beyond there sidential areas. The program implementation resulted in the creation of the extremely potent engineering and transportation infrastructures that still efficiently fulfill the demand of both shutting downand newly established businesses.

The «Parnas» warehouse complex was constructed to meet specific needs of the Leningrad State Enterprises " ElektroRadioAvtomatika" (LGP "ERA”), which was specializing on ship electrical systems.This facility can be considered the first object of the today "Interterminal" complex. The site has united several industrial and warehouse facilities previously owned by the large national military shipbuilding enterprises.


1990 - 2000



In the course of the large-scale privatization in 1992, LGP "ERA" acquired the "Parnas” warehouse facility.In partnership with JSC "PAN Energy, " LGP "ERA" had decided to establish a new company later named "Interterminal" on the concept of the existing warehouse complex located on Domostroitelnayа street, 1, that could fulfill an increased demand for the storage services and transportation logistics from the private companies. During the different preparatory stages on the way to the company’s eventual establishment in 2000, the “Interterminal” shareholders used to include its original founders JSC "Energy PAN" and LGP "ERA" as well as newly entered entities JSC "Energomashexport", JSC "MorElektroRadiokomplekt"and individuals- members of the Board of founders’ directors I.N. Kluev, V.Pavlov, A.V. Rogovyh, A.A. Bardischew, A.P.Kozlovc and L.B. Shifrin.

In 1997, "Interterminal" was licensed as a customs warehouse. In 1998,the English-Dutch multinational company "Unilever” became the most significant "Interterminal" customer. This collaboration helped to upgrade the whole company to the higher service level, allowed to integrate and master an unprecedented in the industry service of responsible storage of dry goods, and became 2PL operator.


The crucial stage in the company development occurred in the early 20s. Due to the sequence of the internal corporate events the "Parnas" warehouse facility as well as the entire "Interterminal" trademark have been placed on the market for sale in August 2000. The selling deal was completed on December 6, 2002 , when all assets went off to the private industrial investment  holding "Group of companies "IST" chaired by A.N.Nesis. N.L. Belova was appointed as the CEO of the new "Interterminal " company.


The drastic changes in management team created a strong impetus for the further development. The storage services offer was expanded; new refrigerated warehouse, a container terminal and a shelf storage . The company began providing secure storage off rozen goods, attracting such reputable companies as "Optifood " and "Boundary". As a result, “Interterminal” became the 2PL operator of  frozen goods. Simultaneously, the company began providing the secure storage services to the Finnish company "Containerships", which was headquartered in Kronstadt.


2000 - 2013

This period is characterized by a dramatically growing demand for the warehouse and office space rentals beneficially supplemented by the elaborate logistics infrastructure. Such environment induced the company to acquire "North-West Technopark" that possessed the legal  rights for conducting any construction works on Kubinskaya street, 75, block 1, which was conveniently located near the Seaport on the south of St. Petersburg. The purchase was accomplished in 2003.


Another important acquisition took place in 2004. “Interterminal” purchased the land on Kubinskaya street, 75, block 2, which was previously controlled by LLC "Rosek”. This deal allowed the company to expand and strengthen its positions on the south of St. Petersburg.

The final out come of these acquisitions was creation of the Group of Companies "Interterminal" that possessed the B-class warehouse spaces and container terminalson the north of the city and the rights for building an up-to-date logistics terminal on the south of St. Petersburg.

In November 2004, the Group of Companies "IST" decided to focus on their primary profile projects; therefore, it left the "Interterminal" project and sold all its assets to the legal entities controlled by the entrepreneurs Y.V. Krasnopolskiy and A.F.Seredyuk. The deal was completed in April 2005. Currently, they remain the legal owners of the company and hold equal capital shares.


The establishment of new leadership led to the profound modernization of the "Parnas" facility in 2005. The terminal was fully renovated and adjusted to provide the secure storage services: an anti-dust flooring was laid, innovative shelving systems,material handling equipment, software, servers and security systemswere purchased and installed, the highly professional personnel was hired and remaining staff was retrained, the overall appearance was changed. Besides the multinational giant “Unilever”, the client started  includingsuch brands as "Rehau", "Sen Gabin", "Royal Canin", "Eldorado", "Baltika", "KeramaMarazzi", etc. At the same time, it was decided to reduce the amount of custodial container storages on the north in order to transform the freed container yard into the unheated warehouse facility. Today, it is occupied by the well-known brand "Shina.Ru". The modernization was fully completed in 2006.

Meanwhile, an A-class logistics complex has being constructed on Kubinskaya street, 75, and has been put in exploitation gradually. In 2006, "Unilever" (house hold cleaning products, perfumes and cosmetics) utilized the new complex for its expansion; "Frontier" group became an exclusive leaser of the refrigerated warehouse; Ltd."Module", the largest forwarding agencyin St. Petersburg, rented the entirecontainer terminal and railway facilities.

In 2007, the demand for storage space rentals increased; however, the demand for secure storage of dry goods began to decline due to the competition from the smaller logistics companies and distributors who started to offer the logistics services. The decision was made to gradually withdraw from the sector of custody services of dry goods and focus on the leasing of A- and B-classes dry storage facilitiesand on the secure storage of refrigerated cargo.


Simultaneously, basing on the previous experience in warehouse real estate management and in construction, the owners of the company developed an innovative multi-temperature warehouse module with total area of 1500 sq.m. Its hallmark was the possibility of easy adaptation to the requests of the customer and serving accordingly either asa B-class dry heated warehouse, or ascooled (+5C) and even refrigerated (-18C) warehouse for storing frozen goods. The unique technology of module membrane manufacturing without any fasteners and a special internal shell covering with regard to the specific adhesion characteristics was borrowed from the United States warehouse construction practices. The module is very economical to manufacture,easy to assemble and operate, and requires no special skills of behalf of the warehouse workers.


Despite the decline in demand and the turbulence due to economic crisis of 2008, the company managed to find its own funding and complete the construction of the third terminal on the "Rosek" site in 2010, which included 21 multi temperature modules and 2 office buildings. Eventually, both terminals on Kubinskaya street, 75, were merged into one company under the single management leadership.




2004 - "Best Regional Distribution Center " and "Best Warehouse Operator " according to the National Logistics Association of Russia.

2005 - "Best Regional Distribution Center " and "Leader of the Logistics Market" according to the National Logistics Association of Russia.


Today, the Group of companies "Interterminal"  is the only company in St. Petersburg that offersits the customers a unique combination and a great variety of innovative logistics services within the city area.

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